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As you are already aware, ERP is emerging as crucial aspect of Educational Institute. Future success will hinge on promoting the Schools and reaching out at the student/parents level in increasingly tough / competitive conditions.

e-SSMS (School ERP) is the product that can enable and streamline the process starting from admission of students till their Alumni and help the school to become the leaders. The product is a Intranet and Web-based suite of applications and some of the sub systems are: Administration Management, Student / Staff Information Management System, HR Management, Marketing Management, Academic Management, Student / Staff Attendance Management, Library Management, Inventory, Internal Assessment Management, Alumni Management, online dashboard etc.

e-SSMS is easy to deploy, administer and maintain. Users find it easy to use and master that then makes their work quicker and more effective.

Smart Devices

“The future is now in these high-tech campuses”

To prepare campuses for their future, we have smart advanced devises and technologies are available.

To prepare campuses for their future, we have smart advanced devises and technologies are available.

Key Benefits :

  • UHF gates for student/ staff attendance
  • Face detection gates for student/staff attendance
  • Bio metric/ Finger print / smart card-based student/staff attendance
  • RF based transport attendance
  • Transport GPS Navigation
  • IP Camera
  • Handheld device for attendance
  • Access control devices
  • Tab for visitor management
  • HF/ UHF Student ID card
  • HF/UHF tag for library / transport/ inventory
  • Bar code reader / printer/ label.
Transport GPS and Attendance

Transport GPS system helps higher levels of safety and mobility for campus transportation. Safe transportation of school is a major concern for schools and parents.

Key Benefits

  • Live tracking link with route and stop.
  • Notification for parent before arrival and departure
  • Notification for high speed
  • Track student attendance
  • Identify the proxy students
  • MIS for transport in charge and admin team

As we know that successful implementation requires expertise, discipline and professionals. SONET meet this standard by employing a consistent and professional approach refined over decades of combined implementation experience.

Key Benefits

  • Project Plan
  • FRD (Functional requirement description)
  • UAT (Uses acceptance testing)
  • Data migration
  • Go-live
  • Post Go live Support
  • Support

SONET will provide telephonic, online, onsite support for their customers. Web based support system, which enable customer and support team members to log support calls through their browser and check on their progress.

Key Points

  • L1 Support (Dedicated Onsite Support Engineer)
  • L2 Support (Offsite Support from SONET office)
  • L3 Support (Technical enhancement support)
Campus Management system

Sonet Campus management systems automate from student inquiry to alumni and helps the campus to become a leader. It’s a tool for campuses as well as parents and students

  • Fast responsive application- support all devices.
  • Policy management module.
  • All campus department automation.
  • Improve communication between all members.
  • Safety and Security automation.
  • Observation and Analytic Dashboard.
  • Self-service portal & Mobile APP for all campus users.
  • 24X7 anytime anywhere available.
  • Integration with SMS/ Email / Payment gateway / Social Media/ website / biometric/ any third-party software or hardware.
Campus technology management services

Technology help to campus for making more efficient, resource utilization and secure. Technology can improve student more / access to education, better and analytic outcomes, and the better return. Technology has fundamentally changed the way students learn; everyone has access to the same platform. Technology promise to help student skills development, communication, and problem solving.

  • Solution as per campus needs
  • Academic planning and execution
  • Smart technology for attendance
  • Teacher training management automation
  • Parents relationship management

Our Partners

Our Technology Partners offer best-in-class solutions to extend the Contentful platform and enable you to pick the right tools to suit your needs.