eSSMS is a powerfull piece of School Software that is meant to unleash the power of your computer by running a series of optimizations designed specially for web environment.

School Productivity
eSSMS helps to fuel the productivity of your school by managing your School critical operations and adapting to fit into your needs of school helping ensure the most desired.
Fits in your Systems
eSSMS works the way your current Microsoft technology works so it fits easily into your school systems, helping to maximize your school performance.
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eSSMS Complete Smart School Management System

eSSMS is the Complete smart school management system that enables and streamlines the process of all school automation and helping the school to become the leaders.

eSSMS is a very user-friendly school management software which helps in connecting parents, staff and management on a single platform. It is a comprehensive cloud-based system developed on strong web architecture aligning to the customizable needs of the educational domain. eSSMS helps to handle day to day tasks with ease thus letting you focus on what's important i.e. achieving better results. Our cloud-based solution helps you keep track of your daily school activities. Whether its Attendance Tracking, Library Management, Exam Assessment, Online Fee Payment, Staff Salary or just staying updated with school events via SMS, our Online School Management system does it all with seamless connectivity.

eSSMS supports multiple schools in the same system, wherein a group of institutions can get the complete schools managed centrally, allowing inter-school interactions in financial and academic processes. This also allows the management to take cross-school reports to evaluate the performance of the schools under various metrics. The eSSMS system can be integrated into other solutions as well. eSSMS allows third party integration to other software through APIs for data exchange.


  • Build on sure step Microsoft methodology, implemented & tested with IBM for Pearson schools. System is 100% reliable.
  • Admin/Head office module to manage multiple school/department policies.
  • Work flow at every critical point like concession approval, leave approval, item purchase, new joining etc.
  • Exclusive module like Service desk with TAT, Observation, Budgeting,Parent Relationship, Safety & Security, Academic Planning & Execution,Employee Performance and Evaluation & many more.
  • Serving the campus automation from the last 15 years.
  • Mobile app with unique features for all stake members.
  • User friendly interface with simple and quick data retrieval. As tested by IBM on 50,000 students.
  • Provide 360 automation for schools.
  • Provide quality system at affordable price.
  • Secure database and dedicated support centers

What our
clients say about us

  • Sonet Microsystems provides us quality service with easy access to data we choose to store. This access gives us the flexibility to compare any analyze student data and trends. Strongly recommended!!
    Monika Bhardwaj
  • Sonet ERP is a user friendly software. It is a very useful software for a school. This is especially helpful to know the information about students and fees. This software integrates various facilities like attendance management, exam management, student info. We are very impressed with ERP Software, friendly service. Thanks."
    Angel Bhardwaj (Director)
  • Sonet Microsystems is one of the best School Management Software provider Company I have ever worked with, The support of Sonet Software staff has given us has been really great. They listen, communicate clearly and quick at responding. Highly recommend to others School.
  • The number of applications that are available and provided by Sonet Microsystems is commendable. The quality and quantity of information about school and students to the parents continue to expand.Moreover, the staff support of Sonet Microsystems and quick response whenever required makes it the best software provider company.I wish them good luck in their future endeavors.
    Seema Bhardwaj (Chair Person)
  • The quality and quantity of information about school and students to the parents continue to expand. Moreover, the staff support of Sonet Microsystems and quick response whenever required makes it the best software provider company. It's user-friendly software. It's a very helpful tool for schools. We are very impressed with Sonet's solution, Thanks.
    Aakash Khandelwal (Chairman)