School ERP Software

eSSMS is a powerfull piece of School Software that is meant to unleash
the power of your computer by running a series of optimizations
designed specially for web environment.

School productivity

eSSMS helps to fuel the productivity of your school by managing your School critical operations and adapting to fit into your needs of school helping ensure the most desired.

Fits in your systems

eSSMS works the way your current Microsoft technology works so it fits easily into your school systems, helping to maximize your school performance.

School Software, School ERP Software, Complete School Management System

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<<<IBM and SMPL Team go live ESSMS with MSD NAV integrated project for Pearson within 4 month period.>>>
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eSSMS Complete School ERP Software

  • An integrated School Software system that operates in (next to) real time, without relying on periodic updates.
  • A common database, that supports all applications.
  • A consistent look and feel throughout each module.
  • Absolute control on School processes through 100 % automation.
  • E-enabled to facilitate Information access for Students, Parents, Alumni, Teachers, Staff, Management.
  • Secure shared and personalized web based service.
  • Improved Communication among, Students, Teachers, Staff, and Admin.
  • Complete School Administration Management Systems.
  • Simple and easy to implement and maintenance free environment.
  • 24X7 availability, Anytime – Anywhere.

As you are already aware, ERP is emerging as crucial aspect of Educational Institute. Future success will hinge on promoting the Schools and reaching out at the student/parents level in increasingly tough / competitive conditions.

e-SSMS (School ERP) is the product that can enable and streamline the process starting from admission of students till their Alumni and help the school to become the leaders. The product is a Intranet and Web-based suite of applications and some of the sub systems are: Administration Management, Student / Staff Information Management System, HR Management, Marketing Management, Academic Management, Student / Staff Attendance Management, Library Management, Inventory, Internal Assessment Management, Alumni Management, online dashboard etc.

e-SSMS is easy to deploy, administer and maintain. Users find it easy to use and master that then makes their work quicker and more effective.