Student Admission

Operating system

Today, as our technology and economy grows very fast, there is also need to automate our educational institutions because In the student admission and registration process, there is need of the maintenance of student personal, academic and fee related information in less time (by rebecca). It focuses on storing and processing (insertion, updation) by using web pages. It also Generates student information and will be maintained in the form of tables for auditing and maintaining the integrity of the system. complete Automation can Eliminate paper work. And Efficiently manage the data of students (academic, personal, fee) details.

Some Features

  • Master Creation
  • Allot Admission Number to selected students or direct admissions.
  • Admission form Entry.
  • Various Reports from Student admission form data.
  • Facility to send SMS to parents about student.
  • Facility to Send Student Birthday, Parents Birthday, Anniversary SMS.
  • Remark addition
  • Report Generation for students on verious terms.
  • All required and customized reports
  • Customerization
  • SMS Server Integration.
Operating system