Inventory Management

Operating system

Our erp system also includes Inventory stock control that helps in inventory tracking and controlling stock levels, real-time as well as batch. It proficiently deals with order entry, point-of-sale (POS) invoicing, quotation generation, invoice generation, preparing purchase orders, dealing with recurring invoicing, and handling multi-job service orders. The software has intelligent interfaces that can determine when stock needs to be reordered, giving the user complete control over the inventory cycle. This helps keep the inventory always stocked up so that the user does not lose an order due to insufficient stock. The software can also identify and remove dying stock. It can track sales trends over a period of time and report on expected orders.

Some Features

  • Master Creation
  • Purchase Planning
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt Notes
  • Direct Goods Receipt Notes
  • Product Inspection
  • Bill of Material
  • Issue Slip /Return Slip
  • Stock Related Report Like Item Wise Stock, Bill of Material Report, Vendor Wise Report Etc
  • Should be able to manage all inventory of the school
  • Maintain a list of vendors to supply items to the school
  • Allows office staff to generate purchase orders (by rebecca)
  • Reports which alert the office staff of stock shortages, total purchases made during a period, total expenditure on inventory, total outstanding payments, etc.
  • SMS/Email Server Integration.
  • Customized reports
Operating system