Operating system

The functions of the School Administration department include staffing and administrative appointments, day-to-day operational issues of schools, the evaluation, identification, recruitment and professional development of current and aspiring school administrators, community-based educational supports, international students, and safe schools.

Some Features

  • User Management
  • User Roll Management Systems (User Wise, Department Admin Wise).
  • Create Department Admin like Fees Admin, Library Admin, Payroll Admin, Account Admin, Web Admin etc
  • Fees Admin Set the setting for fees like Due Date, Fine , Fees Category, Fees Head and can create the user for fees management software etc
  • Library Admin Set the setting for library like No of Book issue to student/Staff, No of Reservation Books/Magazine, Fine Setup, Approval for Books/ Magazine for Purchase and can create the user with roll for library management software etc
  • Staff and Payroll Admin set the Payroll head, Loan Approval, Salary Date and can create the user with roll for Staff and Payroll Management software etc
  • Admission Admin final selection list, Allot Roll No, Selection Parameter and can create the user with roll for Admission Management software Etc
  • Exam Management Admin Set Subject Wise Course, Passing Marks and can create the user with roll for Exam Management Software etc
  • Web Admin set the event, news, gallery, Announcement on web and can create the user with roll for Web Management etc.
  • General Office Admin set the Time Table, Attendance Permission, Stock reorder level, Hostel Requirement etc.
Operating system
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